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MSR - Mountain Safety Research

Founded more than 50 years ago with the aim of improving the safety of climbing equipment, MSR (Mountain Safety Research) has since become a household name in the outdoor world. The brand is now best known for its indestructible burners, lightweight tents and water filters that are even used by the US army.


MSR is usually mentioned in the same breath as quality. Its products therefore stay good for a long time. Thus, MSR frequently receives stories from people who still enjoy using their burners after decades. This is because science and passion are combined. Not only does MSR have its own water laboratory where tents are tested for their waterproofness. Test engineers are also employed to set up a tent as many as hundreds of times to gauge its lifespan before they go to market. Apart from having a long lifespan, MSR's tents are quick to pitch and their light weight makes them ideal for travelers on the move.

MSR's burners were originally designed to allow mountaineers to quickly melt snow for drinking water. This greatly improved their safety at high altitude. Today, MSR has something for everyone. From the ultralight PocketRocket to the popular WhisperLight which is easy to use and suitable for almost any scenario.

For a healthier world

MSR is also aware that the world around us is fragile and should be treated with respect, and is fully committed to that. Since most of what MSR makes is built by them and because they use local suppliers, they maintain a great deal of control over product quality and the environmental impact of the production processes. The products are made from sustainable materials and many of these materials are in turn recyclable. Even the packaging, besides being protective of the products, is designed as effectively as possible to reduce waste and increase the possibility of recycling.

There has even been a collaboration with Yale University to analyze the life cycle of MSR's various products. It found, for example, that the biggest opportunity in reducing CO2 emissions lies in the material choices for frames. Therefore, MSR now uses recycled aluminum.

In addition, MSR launched a gas tank recycling program in Seattle and is working diligently to expand this within the Americas. MSR is also actively committed to clean drinking water in the developing world.

Filter price
Number of persons
Suitable for
Suitable fuel
Tent type
Number of entrances
Effective against
MSR Elixir 1 - Green - 1-Person Tent
320,20 -14%
276,73 221,39 Excl. VAT
MSR Elixir 2 - Trekking Tent - Green
413,17 -14%
357,09 285,67 Excl. VAT
MSR Elixir 3 - Trekking Tent - Green
506,15 -14%
437,45 349,96 Excl. VAT
MSR Elixir 4 - Gray - Trekking Tent
661,11 -14%
571,38 457,10 Excl. VAT
MSR Elixir 4 - Green - 1-Person Tent
661,11 -14%
571,38 457,10 Excl. VAT
SALE MSR Fast & Light Body for Mutha Hubba NX
165,24 -56%
73,48 58,78 Excl. VAT
MSR Guardian Purifier
454,49 -14%
392,80 314,24 Excl. VAT
MSR Hubba Hubba NX - Green - 2-Persons Tent
650,77 -14%
562,45 449,96 Excl. VAT
MSR Hubba NX - 1-Person Tent
599,12 -14%
517,80 414,24 Excl. VAT
MSR MiniWorks EX

MSR MiniWorks EX

In stock.
165,24 -14%
142,80 114,24 Excl. VAT
MSR Pocket Rocket Stove Kit
139,41 -14%
120,48 96,39 Excl. VAT
MSR Tindheim 3 - Tunnel Tent
619,78 -14%
535,66 428,53 Excl. VAT
MSR WhisperLite International Stove - Combo
191,06 -14%
165,13 132,10 Excl. VAT
SALE MSR Carbon Reflex 2 - Trekking Tent
733,42 586,74 Excl. VAT
MSR DragonFly Stove - Combo
242,72 194,17 Excl. VAT
MSR Elixir 1 - Trekking Tent - Gray
320,20 256,16 Excl. VAT
MSR Elixir 2 - Trekking Tent - Gray
413,17 330,54 Excl. VAT
MSR Elixir 3 - Trekking Tent - Gray
506,15 404,92 Excl. VAT
MSR Habitude 4 - 4-Persons Tent
619,78 495,83 Excl. VAT
MSR Hubba Hubba NX - Gray - 2-Persons Tent
650,77 520,62 Excl. VAT
MSR Pocket Rocket 2

MSR Pocket Rocket 2

Out of stock
61,93 49,55 Excl. VAT
MSR Tindheim 2 - Tunnel Tent
516,48 413,18 Excl. VAT

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