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Rate us and win your purchase amount back

Rate us and win your purchase amount back

What can you win?

Your purchase amount returned up to a maximum of € 999,-

Where do I leave a review?

You can do that in the following places.


Trustpilot Netherlands

Trustpilot Germany

Idealo Germany

How can I see if I've won?

We will notify the winner every month.

How do I get my prize?

We will refund your purchase amount in the same way you paid with us. If that is not possible, we will ask for your bank account and transfer the amount.

Can I join every month?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of reviews. We use your last order as price.

I have not placed an order but would still like to participate.

That's okay. If you have not placed an order but simply leave a review because you have visited our store or contacted our excellent customer service. Then you will not receive a refund. But then you can pick products from our website with a value of € 250,-.

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