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Product description

Arva Neo Pro safety set includes
Arva Neo Pro avalanche transceiver, Raid 240 probe, Guard shovel

Arva Neo Pro avalanche transceiver
The NEO PRO is ARVA’s new high-end transceiver. This device includes all the essential “expert” features for professional rescuers, such as an analog mode, a standby mode, and a SCROLLING function that allows you target a specific victim during a search. The setup menu is easy to use, simply press on the “+” and “-“ buttons to customize device settings. The NEO PRO comes with a soft holster to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes.


  • 70m search strip width.
  • GROUP CHECK mode tests transmit frequency and power.
  • Marking function to identify burial victims already located.
  • Multiple burial indicator displays a “+”when more than 3 victims.
  • 3 antennas to improve chances of finding a signal and for greater precision during the fine search.
  • Digital signal processing guides rescuer more efficiently towards the burial zone.
  • Auto-test lets the device run a diagnostic to verify that all main functionalities are working properly.
  • Backlit screen provides great contrast in any conditions or lighting.
  • Automatic revert-to-transmit mode via movement sensor in case of a secondary avalanche
  • Interference management lets the user adjust the search technique in an area with considerable signal interference.
  • U-Turn alarm lets the rescuer know they are heading in the wrong direction.
  • Standby mode allows the user to keep their device switched on while shoveling.
  • Analog mode to take full advantage of the main antenna’s maximum  range
  • Scroll function to select the burial victim to search for.

Raid 240 Probe

Equipped with a quick and intuitive tightening system, the RAID 240 probe is rigid and precise.


  • 2.40m probe when fully deployed, 6 segments 40cm long
  • 12mm diameter tubes
  • Strong and durable 7075 aluminum tubing
  • Stainless steel tension cord.
  • PIN LOCK locking system makes it quick and easy to deploy your probe by simply pulling on the handle.
  • Pull handle makes it easy to deploy the probe and snaps conveniently onto the tube once the victim is located and you start shoveling.
  • Cone inserts make it easy to assemble the tube segments
  • Grip for easy handling
  • Precise markings on probe indicate snow depth

Guard Shovel

The GUARD shovel strikes just the right balance between efficiency and packability, and will appeal to the uncompromising backcountry enthusiast.


  • Shovel with telescopic shaft: 62cm minimum length, 76cm maximum length
  • Oval aluminum shaft, 35cm long when collapsed
  • Strong and durable anodized aluminum blade
  • New compact blade: 28cm length x 23cm width x 2.0mm thick (size includes blade-to-shaft connection)
  • The PIN LOCK locking mechanism makes it quick and easy to put the blade and shaft together.
  • Ergonomic T-grip handle


CategoryAvalanche safety sets
EAN Code3700507910716
Product code3700507910716

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